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At ease we want you to succeed in becoming an effective and profitable AirBnB host.


Our goal is to teach you techniques that will benefit you in becoming an AirBnB host and also provide you with specific resources that will help you utilise hosting as a realistic means of income.

Let’s talk about the basics.


We want you to become an expert in the basics of AirBnB hosting. This includes a range of specific steps you need to take such as learning the art of enticing photography, creating an inviting profile with coinciding social media accounts and collaborating with hosting experts and newbies.    


The team at ease know the importance of support and communication during your endeavour. By providing you with directory of contacts you will know who to talk to and how to keep progressing. Our case studies allow you to see the way other hosts have chosen to host their AirBnB, giving you exclusive insight into the world of hosting.


So, what about the other bits?


Finance can be a worrying part of any business, let alone when you’re renting out your home. Our workshop allows you to make friends with finance and find the best way to manage your expenses.

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