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Our Digital Detox day retreat gives you the opportunity to re-evaluate your relationship with technology and gain insight into how to cut down on screen-time.


At ease we understand that technology keeps you connected. However, we also believe that stepping away from our screens can be beneficial to our mental health and can maximise productivity when we do decide to use technology.


So, what does a typical day at a Digital Detox retreat involve?

At ease we like our day retreats to be a place where you can socialise and meet authentic people who share similar outlooks. Conversation is important to us and we trust that a digital detoxing needs plenty of discussion.


To digital detox successfully, even if just for a day, we like to experiment with different methods to keep ourselves organised and occupied. To test your knowledge on detoxing we tend to begin with a quiz, this will get you thinking and get your mind off what’s happening online.


Nutrition and exercise also play an important part of our day as we like to take a break with a brisk walk and fuel our bodies with locally sourced food.  


Feeling creative and getting to know your artistic flare comes hand in hand with colour therapy, but not before we spend a little time organising ourselves by learning about the brilliance of mind-mapping. Once you have established your style and found your priorities our team at ease like to treat you with a complimentary bullet journal, allowing you to explore your imagination in a mindful-manner.


ease creates a space and experience that gives you the freedom to truly unplug.


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