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Are corporate retreats still a thing?


Retreats have long been a part of corporate life, but now companies are turning to them to build bonds among employees in a post-Covid world. As companies embrace Zoom meetings and remote work,

lavish retreats are one way to foster corporate culture when people don't see each other regularly.

Why is it important today?

Since the pandemic, more and more work colleagues have opted to work from home.  Which can be really isolating and a lonely experience for some members of staff. So not seeing the team very often means we need to make up for time lost and the best way to do so is with a proper company retreat to recharge batteries and get some well-needed team bonding and time together. Experts even suggest that relaxing and winding down is key to higher productivity for many. 


What is the main purpose of a corporate retreat with Ease?


It will be one of the best getaways for your staff members and management team, with the aim of facilitating bonding and corporate planning in a relaxed environment. In addition to boosting staff morale, a corporate retreat with EASE enables your employees to have a better understanding of who they work with and how your team members think.

Also included:

  • Inspirational masterminds and workshops

  • Team member introductions - ice breaker activities

  • Story telling and idea sharing sessions

  • Feasting on delicious local produce around the banquet table

  • Relaxing and REST is high on the agenda, walk n talks,  watching the stars from the hot tub under the Dark Sky Reserve

  • Getting all cosy with a film in the cinema room. 

  • Mind-mapping and journaling through the process of morning pages - which ignites the creative flow

  • Plus, there will be time to rest, read and relax, as well as the opportunity to curl up in front of the fire with a book or magazine. 

For more information and prices, please contact Tanya at

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