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The art of floristry gives you the opportunity to craft beautiful floral creations whilst taking a moment away your busy schedules to get back in touch with your creativity.

At ease we work with industry experts to ensure your flower art experience is the best. Our award-winning florist and shop owner, Toni, has years of experience in flower arranging and floral workshops; meaning you will receive an exclusive insight into flower art.

Upon arrival we like to set some time aside to get to know our expert and our other budding florists whilst indulging in locally sourced baked goods and refreshments. Even though we do like to discuss our flower abilities, there is no restriction on our workshops as we welcome both beginners and seasoned snippers.

Although we provide a diverse range of blooms, we love to take you on a forest walk to scavenge for your own personal flowers. Our retreats are situated in areas that are full of flowers and foliage, leaving you with plenty of variety so that you can add your own personal touch to your floral creations.

Floristry can offer you a number of benefits. Not only is working with your hands incredibly therapeutic but flower design also requires you to be artistic and considerate of the finer details, whether that be the aesthetic you choose or the technique you use!

Our Floral Art Retreat is being held on the 20th May 2018. The retreat will be hosted in Dinas Powys, only a short drive from the capital of Wales, Cardiff.

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