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January 27, 2019

Granted one of the great things about your digital lifestyle is that you’re always connected, especially if you run your own business.

One of the negatives about your digital lifestyle is ALSO that you’re ALWAYS connected.

When you’re a committed entrepreneur, there’s...

January 25, 2019

Simple living has become a major buzzword over the past few years. Maybe it’s due to modern lives being so consumed with being busy and rushing around that people are craving more peace, quiet and simplicity. When talking about simple living it seems like a concept tha...

January 10, 2019

We are excited to announce that we have launched a few dates for our Winter weekend and day retreats

If you are looking for a digital detox look no further as we have it sorted!

Digital Detox Days: 

22nd January & 19th February

Join us for a day of coworking in a country c...

January 8, 2019

Welcome to EASE RETREATS SOCIAL CLUB - a hub that will provide monthly events, workshops and retreats with a focus on your wellbeing and the wellbeing of your business

As of January, Ease Retreats collaborated with Business Women Connect, a side project owned by our fo...

January 2, 2019

It’s sure to be a big beautiful 2019 if you can take the time to invest in your wellbeing.

The global wellbeing market has grown almost 13 per cent in the last couple of years and with good reason as we seem a lot more stressed and frazzled.

As a society we are working l...

July 9, 2018

So many of us need to take a break from our smartphones but never quite have the discipline or the opportunity to leave the phone alone. Sound familiar?

Would you like to take back your life and not be a slave to constant scrolling and app notifications?

The Ease Retreat...

July 7, 2018

Guessing this is the world we live in now. No matter where you go you constantly witness people looking down at their mobile phones and missing out on the world around them. 

We are all guilty of it. How have we become so connected yet so disconnected and so easily dist...

May 1, 2018

Why did you decide to start ease?

The short story is: I suffered from anxiety and wanted a place to escape. It was too expensive to go abroad and the only retreats I could find in the UK were meditation/yoga style retreats! I also have a family to look after, so going t...