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Created by Katharine Craig
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At ease we are certain of the fact that relaxation is the key to living mindfully.


Joining us on our day retreats will give you time to unwind in boutique abodes with an emphasis on all things calm and comforting. The coastal locations we have carefully selected will equip you with everything you need to enjoy a day away from the everyday demand.

The day starts with a meet and greet over coffee, cake and an introduction from our host, Tanya, who will discuss the benefits of a digital detox. You will be encouraged to avoid using screens and revert back to using pens, pencils and stationery. There will be digital detox box to keep your phones safe and out of reach, endless refreshments and a grazing lunch will be provided.

There will be no access to digital devices throughout the day. 

Yes, that means no emails, no websites and no social media!

We will replace these things with upbeat discussions, mind mapping, content writing, brainstorming, country walks, reading and eating!

It is safe to say that in this digital age of modern conveniences, it is easy to see why we now lead a screen-dominated life. The Digital Detox hopes to recognise the importance of taking a break from all things tech-related and highlight the benefits of time offline to help with all aspects of your life.