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& debut memoirist Stacey Heale 

Exciting news!  We are collaborating with debut memoirist Stacey Heale.​ 

Join us for an exclusive day retreat in Oxfordshire 


FRIDAY 14th JUNE 2024


(If you'd like to go on the waiting list please email


WHAT TO EXPECT: A day full of exploring the messy nature of our lives through writing withinan intimate and safe environment. This is an amazing opportunity to reframe the hard moments in our lives, break through creative blocks and learn techniques to access the healing power of expressive writing. 


Difficult experiences can often elude language so Stacey will teach you how to tune into our bodies and intuition to unravel our truth and authentic voice to make meaning. Through guided exercises, Stacey will show you how to tap into your authentic voice and use the process of writing to understand your feelings in a non-competitive, safe community with no judgment. She will also talk you through her own experiences of writing about her own hard things, sharing personal examples never published before. 


Stacey will also provide tips on writing a book proposal, pitching ideas to magazines, finding the right agent

for you and how to approach publishers. This will be an empowering day which we hope will leave you feeling

energised and inspired, with tools to continue your writing practice in an openhearted way.​​


THIS RETREAT IS FOR YOU IF: You have been through hard things (loss, divorce, menopause, redundancy, bankruptcy, diagnosis, estrangement – although not an exhaustive list) and want to take back agency of your own stories.You are looking for a creative and emotional outlet while seeking to know yourself better though words.

You want to gift your yourself time and space to write, think, talk, and share with like-minded people.

You would like to learn how to use writing to integrate, understand and heal. This day is for everyone,

established writers and those with no experience at all are all very welcome. ​​​




10am: Welcome! Grab a cuppa and find yourself a comfortable seat 


1030 - 1pm: An audience with Stacey 

Morning Masterclass: How to lose our fear when tapping into our emotions 

while exploring and reframing difficult times through words.


1pm - 2pm: Delicious light lunch


2 - 4pm: An audience with Stacey 

Afternoon Masterclass: Exploring our past, present, and future through expressive writing 

techniques, learning how to find and draw on the strongest parts of ourselves to 

set intentions to live a bigger life.


430pm: Wrap up the day and say our farewells.​​


For more information please email

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