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My name is Tanya Lynch and I'm the founder of Ease Retreats.

Back in 2017 I struggled for a few months to find the right retreat.


Not able to afford thousands of pounds to travel to a tropical country or spend days

learning how to meditate or become a yogi.  I knew I had to create my own! 

Realising pretty quickly that my home country of Wales had everything that was essential for

creative wellbeing retreat, more so now after living through a pandemic!


I literally pulled together all the key ingredients that would make for a perfect Ease Retreat.  

They included beautiful beach and country abodes, remote mountain escapes,

stunning coastal walks, collaborations with writers, well-being experts and creatives,

locally sourced food, complimented with a variety of activities to inspire and relax your busy mind and soul! 


Since the Autumn of 2022, I have been collaborating with best selling authors and expert creatives

to provide some of the most profound and life-changing retreats of its kind.

I not only facilitate a variety of writing and wellbeing retreats, I also have a diploma in therapeutic journaling.  So, if the practice of journaling is of interest to you, I host a series of online journaling workshops and programs


I am on a mission to help women heal and reap the benefits

from the daily practice of writing and journaling.


EASE RETREATS offers you a unique experience that teaches you how to take time for yourself.

Giving you the permission to explore self care, creatively express yourself and learn how to live a life with EASE 

I have made it my mission to help you feel calm, reconnected, relaxed and enjoy your surroundings.  


Scroll down to find out more about the benefits of an joining a retreat or workshop

Whichever retreat, workshop or program you attend, your creative and wellbeing needs will be catered for!

You will learn how to live life with EASE, adopt a 'go slow' attitude, understand the benefits of a ditching your devices, 

join upbeat conversations with likeminded souls, take a dip in the sea or enjoy being close to nature, weather permitting.


I encourage you to be your authentic self.

My retreats focus the mind, body and soul.

If you'd like to experience the benefits of... making time for self care,

creative writing, therapeutic journaling, sea swimming, resting,

feasting and taking the time to be still and daydream, then come and join a 

group of likeminded women on one of my beautiful retreats.

Latest news about new retreat dates are updated via social media platforms @easeretreats.  

If you’d like more information about retreat or therapeutic journaling programs, 

please connect via the contacts page or email

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