Our founder Tanya Lynch struggled for a few months to find the right retreat.  Not able to afford thousands of pounds to travel to a tropical country.  Not wishing to become a Yogi on an intense Yoga retreat.  Tanya knew she had to create her own!  Realising pretty quickly that her home country of Wales had everything that is essential for a wellbeing retreat!


The ingredients for an Ease Retreat include... beautiful beach abodes, stunning coastal walks, pure fresh air, locally sourced farm food and a variety of activities to relax your busy soul! 


EASE offers you a unique experience that teaches you how to take a moment just for yourself.

Tanya and her crew help you to be calm, sit still, relax and daydream.  


Scroll down to find out more about the benefits of an Ease Retreat

Whichever retreat you attend your wellbeing needs will be catered for

be that through a digital detox workshop,

or a fitness and nutrition masterclass or

a conversation on how to manage positive mental wellbeing.


We like to inspire you!

You might want to experience the power of Pilates or

discover the benefits of bullet journaling or

learn how to 'design your comeback' after living in lockdown!


Updates about our retreats and workshops will be posted across all of our social media platforms and in our journal, so if you’re interested in learning more about our 2020 retreats then don't hesitate to connect with us @easeretreats.


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