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"What's On in 2024"

May 2024 - "Memoir Writing" Day Retreat with Clover Stroud

June 2024 - "Doing Hard Things" Day Retreat with Stacey Heale

June 2024 - "Rage on a Page" Online Series with Tanya Lynch

September 2024 - "Consciously Creative" Day Retreat with Su Dodd

October 2024 - "Digital Detox" Weekend Retreat with Tanya Lynch

November 2024 - "Creative Unblocking" Weekend Retreat with Emma Gannon


Welcome to the home of creative, relaxing, transformational and life changing

writing retreats, hosted in beautiful abodes with best selling authors and expert creatives.


I promise you'll feel inspired, motivated and invigorated

after spending time with Ease Retreats

 Each retreat is hosted in idyllic locations.

Mostly where you can dip your toe into the ocean or inhale the countryside air.

​My retreats are themed and seasonal. 

Where you'll be able to feast on delicious and nutritious meals.

Providing time to relax, allowing creativity to flow.

For more information about my retreats and workshops

 please don't hesitate to fill in the contact form

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