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Our focus in 2019 for our weekend retreats is offering Digital Detoxes, giving you the opportunity to really take control of your digital consumption.


This option is for those of you that need to experience a weekend in the offline world.  At ease we know that giving up your smartphone can be a daunting prospect. However, we also believe that stepping away from our screens can be beneficial to our mental health and can maximise productivity when we do decide to use technology.

So, what does a typical weekend at a Digital Detox retreat involve?

Upon arrival the team at ease will take your digital devices and keep them somewhere safe over the weekend, this is to maximise your productivity and force you to use different means!


We encourage everyone to get to know each other during their first night, whether that be snuggled around the fire or out on an evening stroll along the coast.


Our team at ease have arranged a diverse array of activities for retreaters to join in on. We want you to have the opportunity for your mind to be motivated by the ideas of bullet journaling, your body to be stretched by our Pilates expert or even your taste buds to be tingled by our baking classes.


Leaving your devices at the door can be more a shock than anticipated, so keeping your hands and minds busy is crucial for a thorough and successful digital detoxWhilst we embrace relaxation and taking time out, we also want to keep you engaged and on-track by showing innovative methods of offline organisation and entertainment.


We hold regular discussions on wellbeing and methods to help you use your digital devices responsibly once you are off the retreat.


ease creates the space and experience that gives you the freedom to truly unplug.