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We tap, swipe and click our devices at least 2600 times a day

We are permanently distracted, less productive, more anxious and lacking the ability to concentrate for more than 10 seconds

Does this sound familiar to you?

Throughout lockdown, we have become a nation that has endless zoom meetings with work colleagues, family & friends, we overload and binge on social media updates and spend endless hours of aimlessly scrolling our devices.


If you would like to learn how to take back control on the amount of time you spend on your device, find new ways to entertain yourself, embrace more positive daily activities and generally feel more upbeat and happier then a Digital Detox Retreat with EASE could just be the tonic your looking for.

A DIGITAL DETOX with EASE will give you the opportunity to reignite your soul off screen.

Upbeat conversations, insightful discussions, healthy feasting, plenty of rest and stunning coastal walks will rejuvenate YOU!

We deliver mindful digital detox weekends by the sea to help you rediscover the benefits of a BALANCED & HAPPY life

Come stay with us so you can find out how to live life with EASE.

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