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Ah the joy of baking... people who bake use any excuse to heat up their ovens. They bake a cake to help celebrate a birthday, bake cupcakes for a friends house warming party and whip up brownies to share in the office because everyone loves the allure of chocolate

It turns out that baking is about more than creating something sweet to eat. Baking especially when it’s done for others, can be accompanied with a host of psychological benefits.

Baking has the benefit of allowing people creative expression which helps our overall wellbeing. There is a stress relief that people get from having some kind of an outlet such as baking as a way to express themselves.

When baking for other people, baking can also be a helpful way to communicate one’s feelings. to the cultural norm of sending baked products to a loved one who's poorly. Sometimes there are no words, and only food can communicate what you’re trying to say. It can be helpful for people who have difficulty expressing their feelings in words to show thanks, appreciation or sympathy with baked goods.

Baking lifts the Nations spirits, look at how popular the TV series 'Bake Off' has become and how many more people now enjoy the benefits of baking at home or at local community events.

A few top tips to Baking with Ease:

  1. Borrow a good recipe book or download a recipe form bbc good food

  2. Read the Recipe Before Beginning

  3. Always Have Ingredients Prepped. ...

  4. Learn How to Measure. ...

  5. Weigh Your Ingredients. ...

  6. Relax and give it a go

Here is a delicious banana bread recipe I was given by my dear friend Indah who is our expert Pilates instructor at Ease Retreats

150gr butter 150gr caster sugar 150gr plain flourupby 2 ripe bananas 🍌 2 eggs 🥚 2tsp baking powder Pinch of cinnamon Method - warm up the oven to 200C - mash the bananas with fork. I like to add a little bit of olive oil, optional. - whisk the butter and sugar together until soft and add 1 egg and half of the flour. - mix well and add the rest of the egg and flour and baking powder. - add the bananas in and gently fold it and cinnamon. - you can add the chocolate chips or peanut butter to it. - bake for 45-60 minutes and check if it’s cook. If it’s burning on the top you can cover the cake with foil and continue to cook.

Now go and get your bake on - good luck! xx

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