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Anytime Pages

Since the pandemic, I have been writing my Morning Pages designed by Julia Cameron the author of her globally best selling publication The Artist’s Way. For 722 days I have consistently taken the time, to pause for thought and write in my journal. Morning Pages is a stream of conscious writing for up to three pages upon waking, but the thing is with me, I do my pages anytime of day.

Yesterday, whilst out walking my dogs, I thought about why this is. Why don’t I commit to writing my Morning Pages in the morning, as Julia suggests. Why don’t I grab my journal rather than my phone at 6am, before the dogs start demanding breakfast and a walk? Is it because deep down I’m rebel and a rule breaker? Or is it as simple as I’m too tired to write first thing? Excuses aside, I am SO committed to pages! I’ve been writing in my journal for almost two years without fail. Which is unheard of by me, to write every day for 720 days, as I literally do not commit to stuff. But it pains me that I don’t do MORNING pages, but I do ANYTIME pages.

Does it really matter?!

I listened to someone talk earlier in the week, about her latest sustainable project - Tash Acres - is a powerhouse of a woman. Founder of ‘Earth Runs’ and who recently set up the 1% Club - every day you’re active, they plant a tree!

Tash was explaining that lots of her subscribers who move, whether that be via walking, running, swimming, they wanted to tell Tash all about how far they’d moved each day. As lovely as that was, Tash didn’t actually care about the statistics or the numbers. What mattered to Tash was that people were signed up to the 1% Club, they were moving which meant trees were being planted. Genius!

Tash literally said “How much you move doesn’t actually matter, the fact that you move, means trees are being planted”

This comment “ Does it really matter” really hit me between the eyeballs. I write religiously in my journal because I love it, it is my oxygen, a form of meditation, it is good for me and I do good as a result of writing daily. For me ‘Anytime Pages’ is just as powerful as ‘Morning Pages’. To me, it’s better than Nothing Pages - that would be a disaster.

So here’s the thing and a lesson for us all…

It’s ok to break the rules as long as the end result is the same, if not better.

Do you write Morning Pages? Or are you like me and get to the page for a stream of conscious writing anytime of day or night. Don’t be shy, please leave me a comment if you have found journaling a huge benefit to your life and bigger than any self help therapy. Or maybe you are hugely committed to Morning Pages - I salute you, and I’d love to hear about your journey. So please let’s connect.

3 Top Tips For ‘Anytime Pages’

  1. Get comfortable. Find a place where you feel at ease, with little or no distractions. In bed, cosy under the duvet is my most favourite place to write.

  2. Always use pen and paper. Find a journal you love to write in and a pen you adore writing with. Having beautiful writing tools always helps you get to the page each day.

  3. Pages not minutes. It’s not about how long you should write for, it’s about the amount of pages you write. Three pages is the recommended quota. If you write more than three pages, you will find that it invites self obsession. The first page should be quite easy, the second a little more difficult but the third should feel just right. You should be in a state of flow.

I dearly hope you find the time to write Morning Pages, just start tomorrow. If in doubt or lacking of time in the morning, join my club and try Anytime Pages - good luck.

Until the next time

Take care & stay safe xxx

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