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I'm a book lover, book addict, book collector and nothing makes me more happy than spending hours in a book shop.

I love a new book, from its cover, the title, to learning about the author and why the decided to write their book.

The smell of a new book gives me a sense of excitement but also it calms my soul. I long for that quiet hour just me and my new book.

My bookshelf holds quite a diverse range of business and self help books, novels and biographies, plus a wonderful collection of inspirational journals and magazines.

I simply cant get enough of my stacks of publications and yes there are stacks, in my kitchen, my bedroom and my office and they all make me happy. Some days I just lose myself in a gripping novel and then other days I need a pile of maybe 10 or so books, all complimentary to the topic I'm researching so I can dip in and out and take what I need from each publication.

My theory is that the more books you read the happier you'll be.

Reading fiction can enhance the skill of understanding your own and other peoples mental states of minds.

A survey by the Book Trust said "People who read books regularly are on average more satisfied with life, happier and more likely to feel that the things they do in life are worthwhile"

Here are some more reasons why reading is a good way to feel happier...

1. It helps you forget about that endless TO DO list

2. It helps you develop your imagination and creativity

3. Books are relatively a cheap form of entertainment, especially if you find a local community library or participate in a local book swap

4. Books will always serve you with some level of inspiration.

5. it's a distracting mood lifter - you can quite easily get lost in a good novel.

As part of HAPPINESS month here at Ease Retreats, I am hosting a book swap, 'The Hunting Party' by Lucy Foley and 'The Year Living Danishly' by Helen Russell is doing the rounds at the moment. So let me know if you'd like to get involved and I'll add you to the waiting list

Until the next time...

Stay Safe

Much love

Tanya x

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