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Happy Saturday to you! I hope you're having a dreamy weekend so far. Here at EASE HQ I am taking it SLOW as I can't believe it's the 1st of June on Monday. May has been a month filled with Happy Vibes, I have thoroughly enjoyed sharing lots of useful information and top tips about all things happy!

If you have been following my journey this month, you may know that I am going to post a HAPPY HAMPER to one of my lovely followers. Just a kind gesture. No competition to enter. No catch and certainly no request from me, simply a gift from me to you!

I am honoured to be collaborating with a lovely bunch of happy souls who also run really upbeat and positive brands. They are kindly supporting me by donating some delightful gifts to go into the Happy Hamper.

Let me introduce you to Tams Ford founder of a gorgeous zen den called Blossom & Nectar

// Why did you start Blossom & Nectar? I wanted to create a cleaner kinder home. I wanted flowers that promote wellness and feed bees. We wanted cleaner candles. We wanted less plastic at home. Less mass produced environment harming home style products. Healthy eating food options. To be more mindful and less anxious. Being kind to ourselves and the environment. Nature led the way and Blossom & Nectar was born. Bee friendly flowers, Honey, Beeswax Candles. Natural food waxwraps. Hand drawn bee art. Seedpaper for bee friendly flowers. Bags for life. T-shirts. Creating recipes for cooking with honey. It’s been an amazing process and I’m enjoying it so much. Learning beekeeping has given me confidence again after losing everything 3 years ago. It’s taken a lot to rebuild my life and we are on an amazing journey. Being kind to ourselves and letting Mother Nature take the lead. // What’s been the most rewarding part of your journey with Blossom & Nectar? Creating a business that’s grown organically. I now support 4 B-Corps and intend to become one myself within 5 years. Really caring about conscious consumerism and supporting small independent businesses. // Which elements of Blossom & Nectar brings happiness to others? Supporting small businesses brings immense happiness to those ruining those businesses as well as supporting our environment makes the world a kinder happier place to be in. // What makes you happy? Sitting in my garden with a green tea in one of my china cups and watching my bees feed on my roses. // What’s happening whilst you navigate life in lockdown? I’m still slowly working although not opening the shop. I was online before I had the shop so my attention has gone back to my website. I’ve laid back on social media because I think it’s a bit information overload and that’s not what my customers expect from me. Personally I’ve started doing a Diploma in Formulating and a tea blending course for a new botanical tea range I’m creating. // Do you have any stay at home happy tips? I’ve always been very happy to have stay at home days, reading, cooking, watching films, learning new things. I think this lockdown we need to not allow ourselves to become isolated or we could find ourselves acrophobic as I had experienced 3 years ago. // Which Summertime products do you have in stock? My products really embrace Summertime and nearly everything is summertime happy. My favourites are the Sparkling Mead made by the Wye Valley Meadary, Growbars because they make growing plants so easy and my Blossom & Nectar bee boxes as they have a little piece of happiness and feel better in each product. // How do you live life with ease? I’m single and that’s a new thing that has a lot of benefits and gives me freedom to take each day as I want to. I try to walk everyday for two hours, injury’s have slowed the running and walking is amazing. I listen to audio books and podcasts while I’m walking. I also love cooking and that’s my happy place in my head. I spend two hours learning something new each day and two hours concentrating on my business. I’m not rigid with these 6 hours a day but I find my head is happiest when I’m in that flow. Who knows after lockdown if I’ll have time to socialise.

If you would like to follow Tams journey you will find her on instagram @blossomandnectar and here is a link to her website

Honestly, just one look and you will fall in love with this delightful brand, it oozes calm!

Until the next time

Stay safe

Much love

Tanya x

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