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Jo Watkins co-founder of The How People has been a good friend of mine since I started renting her beautiful beach house to host Ease Retreats. That was way back in 2017 and now we are super duper beach buddies. We often call each other up to have a 'pow wow' chat and discuss ideas for each of our businesses and how to find a work/life balance.

Jo is an absolute Wonder Woman with an infectious personality who is on a mission to help build strong women for the future. It is so inspiring to see how passionate she is about making and taking new opportunities. Jo is excited about all the HOW plans for 2020, which is having a really positive impact on the girls she has worked with so far.

I recently hooked up with Jo at her beach house in West Wales to find out how she juggles it all and lives life with EASE...

How do you start your day..

I can be a night owl and a morning person but since January I’ve been getting up at 5.45am every day (with the occasional lie in!) 

It started when we were in Canada as the time zones meant it was the only time within working hours in the UK to get things done and it’s stuck since returning.

I work on background planning and organising for The HOW People between 6-7 am then go for a walk with the dog 7-8. I have a spot that I walk to, I stand there, take it all in and take 3 deep breaths trying to notice all the noises of nature around me and not be distracted (this is the closest I come to meditation at the moment but is my mindfulness moment of the day I guess) 

I then listen to my favourite business podcast and send voice notes on my way home to people I need to contact about HOW. These may be speakers, coaches, mentor friends and my co founder Polly who gets very concerned if she hasn’t heard from me by 8 am. It feels like I’ve done a good days work by 8 am. 

I am then supposed to join a HIIT exercise class at 8 but recently I’ve been missing this because I’m prioritising the work before and running late. I’m trying not to let work spill into the normal day with the kids but that’s hard. 

Aberporth Beach - Jo loves to walk here at 6am each day

How do you relax...

This is a tough one. I’m actually terrible at relaxing. Relaxing for me is probably being out of the house and meeting a friend for a walk or a coffee. Sitting on the beach with the kids or a big long muddy family walk. 

I’m not a huge TV or film fan although have got into things like Homeland and The Bridge and then will sit down and watch them, without distractions.

I’m not a massive fiction reader although I love a self help/business/management/planning non fiction book. Sadly maybe, I find researching, planning holidays and what others might consider work or life admin really relaxing! I enjoy it! 

What you do on a daily basis to add a bit of well-being into your life...

A morning routine has really helped feel on top of the spinning plates. Getting out into nature, having time alone, taking a moment to just stop. 

I need to fit in more exercise as that always helps my mental well being. I always write a list the night before of what I’m going to get done the next morning. Applying this to paper helps me feel in control. Having some alone time before my amazing 4 kids get up and the day begins is vital for my wellbeing! 

I think my husband and kids would all say that I need to add a bit more well-being into my life. Reading, listening to music, watching a box set, spending a day on the sofa.... these things really don’t happen and actually maybe they should. I do like a bath. Generally there is a small child with me too! 

A weekend away or night catching up with old friends is really what fills my cup. That’s not a daily thing but it’s certainly something I’ve really missed during Covid times. 

I think you'd agree Jo has a good balance to her day and certainly enjoys the perfect setting to Live Life with Ease! Here is the website link if you would like to find out more about The HOW People and the good work Jo and her co-founder Polly do!

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