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5 Day 'Rage on a Page'
Therapeutic Journaling Guide & Prompts


WHY is therapeutic journaling the answer to your midlife problems?

1. It will help you channel your rage into something more positive and productive, even if you're facing writer's block or brain fog.


2. It will help you improve your self-awareness and problem solving.


3. It will help to reduce stress and foster creativity.


4. It will help you progress with your writing, whether that's to create content for your business, your Substack or the first draft of your memoir.

5. It's not magic, but it is transformational. 


If you'd like your FREE 5 day therapeutic journaling guide with prompts, please complete the attached form.

This guide is a great introduction to my therapeutic journaling practice.


I'm available for a 121 virtual 20 minute chat if you'd like to learn more about why you should join the EASE community of likeminded midlife women.  I provide a safe online journaling space where you'll learn how to channel your rage, boost self-esteem, rediscover your confidence and implement a daily journaling practice.

Client Review - Jo

"I’ve been stuck in a rut for years since becoming menopausal. 'Rage on a Page' was the turning point I needed. I'm now pursuing my dream of writing consitently, and it's all thanks to this program"

Client Review - Nicola

“Joining 'Rage on a Page' was a game-changer for me. I was struggling with midlife frustrations, but this program gave me an outlet to channel my emotions constructively. I've never felt so empowered!"


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Therapeutic Journaling Prompt Guide

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Through therapeutic journaling I channelled my rage and frustrations into something more positive and profound.
So can you!
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