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Exciting news!

We are collaborating with writer,

book coach and podcaster Penny Wincer.

What: Have you always wanted to put your expertise and experience on the page? Writing a non-fiction book is the dream of many but starting such a big project can be overwhelming. This weekend retreat is designed for you to get away from all your other responsibilities and break down the process of proposal writing, so that this year is the year you finally write that book proposal. As well as the masterclasses below, there will be plenty of opportunity for informal chats about your work and a chance for each retreat attendee to have a one-to-one session with Penny.


When: Thursday 20th April to Monday 23rd April 2023.

Where: We shall be retreating in a big beach house in Criccierth North Wales, located only a few steps away from the beach - sea dip anyone?! The perfect place where we can take coastal walks, daydream with a sea view and just hunker down around the log burner if we can't be bothered to move. (Or the weather won't let us!) 

What to expect:

Masterclass 1 – Creating a Blueprint for your bookWhere do you begin when it comes to writing a book proposal? Creating a blueprint for your book is an excellent place to start. The Blueprint process takes you through all the things you need to understand about your book, before you begin your book proposal. A book proposal is more than just a document with a bunch of interesting ideas. It is a comprehensive argument for why your book should exist. In this session we’ll go over all the steps that will help you know your book inside and out. This includes a comprehensive Workbook to take away with you, to continue the work at home.


Masterclass 2 – Creating a stand-out book proposal. After gathering all you need to know through your blueprint, it’s time to begin writing the proposal. Did you know that agents receive hundreds of submissions each time they open up their submissions? So how do you write a proposal that can stand out from the crowd? In this class we’ll talk about the specifics of each section of the proposal to give your book the best possible chance of being picked up, including your overview, author bio, audience analysis, competitive titles, marketing, chapter summaries and sample material.


Masterclass 3 – The non-fiction submission process. In this session we’ll talk through the ins and outs of submitting non-fiction book proposals, how to research the best agents for you, writing submission emails and how non-fiction books are commissioned.  

Plus, feasting on delicious local produce around the banquet table

Watching the stars from the outside seating, on the beach or, if you prefer, you can get all cosy with a book in the cosy lounge. 


Also the opportunity to participate in mind-mapping and journaling through the process of morning pages.

Guaranteed time to rest, write, read and relax, as well as the opportunity to curl up in front of the fire with a book or magazine. 

For more information and prices, please contact Tanya at




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