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Guessing this is the world we live in now. No matter where you go you constantly witness people looking down at their mobile phones and missing out on the world around them.

We are all guilty of it. How have we become so connected yet so disconnected and so easily distracted?! Well the team at EASE know the reasons why because we have done our homework and we want to share what we have learnt with you!

EASE now hosts #DigitalDetox 1hr workshops, half day and full day retreats. Each venue is beautiful and ‘zen like’ offering you peace and tranquility. Small groups of likeminded people get together to discuss how to manage their digital addiction. Yes YOU! Hard as it may be to come to terms with, but you have a smartphone addiction.

Once you have taken our ‘smartphone compulsion test’ you will be hugely surprised at the results!

On our retreats we offer an easy to follow plan on how to conquer your digital addictions and we introduce you to really fun alternative activities such as bullet journaling, photography, colour therapy, Pilates and much more

Over the next few weeks we will be launching more retreat dates and we will happily share with you comments from our guests about why they chose to attend our retreats and how they benefited

Maybe you need to book on to one of our retreats or maybe you know someone it would be suitable for.

Please share the love!

We speak from experience and want to help save so many others from the dark ugly side of being too digitally connected.

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