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Local Music with EASE

Day 2 of 'Stay Home with Ease' and we are delighted to be collaborating with the very talented Bethan Elfyn a BBC Radio Producer & Presenter. Bethan introduces us to her top tips on how to enjoy 'Local Music with Ease' within our community during this lockdown.

“DIY cottage industries, freelancers, and entrepreneurs - understand the value that shopping local can bring to our community. Lockdown has meant a switch for us in our family of milk deliveries, veg boxes, and amazing neighbours doing kind deeds. I’d like to bring the same idea over to Music. If we’re only listening to the larger sources of music – a mainstream radio station or streaming platform (spotify, radio 1, amazon, beats) the content that we’ll see are also going to be popular and a long way removed from the community that a musician lives and breathes in. Music has such a subliminal effect on us, that sometimes we don’t know where the music is coming from or who is making it – we’ll just know the tune from an advert maybe. But we should get to know some music makers around us, and support them, their talents can brighten our day – and bind the community together in ways that those large corporations will never understand. Imagine how much joy and life a musician brings to a local community with the every-day things, performing at the local pub, event, school fundraiser, or concert. How important music teachers are to our community, our kids, and even in this lockdown – musicians and artist have been bringing joy to our everyday lives with all kinds of fun activities online – and rainbows in windows. So where do we find local music: 1) Local record shops – in Wales, we have the best in the world – Spillers, Kellys, Tangled Parrot, D’vinyl, Andys, Cob, Vod, and Derrecks – just some to check out who do mail-order. 2) Streaming playlists – there’s playlists with Welsh music being updated every week – give them a go! You might find your favourite new discovery! 3) Radio – oh yes, traditional but curated goodness – again we’re spoilt here in Wales for great radio in Welsh and in English – and all on BBC Sounds Once you start, I’m sure it will become a nice healthy routine, so check out local!” Streaming Gigs: Horizons / Gorwelion Links: Shops Playlists: PYST (Welsh language music) New Welsh Indie: Radio: (Search for the following names on BBC sounds, all playing new welsh music) Bethan Elfyn Georgia Ruth Lisa Gwilym Rhys Mwyn Huw Stephens Adam Walton Podcast: Welsh Music Podcast Music tips: This week!

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