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The Happy Folk

Happy people are a joy to be around. Forever smiling and seeing the funny side to life no matter what challenges they face in life. Their upbeat personalities are infectious.

Have you noticed that happy people always have a 'glass half full' attitude and never seem to say a bad word about anyone or anything. Remarkable isn't it?

So what makes them so happy? Are they born happy or did they adapt certain routines and habits to become happier?

Here are a few reasons why some people are more happier than others, even in this unprecedented time during lockdown...

1. They manage their own expectations - in a way that they can deal with any eventuality even if it wasn't what they planned for and always with a little smile on their faces.

2. They don't set unrealistic goals in life - if anything they know what their limitations are and strive to achieve their best and be content with their achievements

3. They don't dwell on things - they concentrate on being present

4. They don't worry about stuff out of their control

5. They care about themselves and understand what makes them happy - this is key to happiness

6. They enjoy the simple things in life - hooray to this !

7. They are patient

8. They always seem to have a plan and it's not a plan to fail

9. They don't take life too seriously - they have a good sense of humour

10. They live in the moment - yesterday is gone, tomorrow hasn't yet arrived and today is where they feel most present

The main reason happy people have a positive outlook on on life is mainly due to the idea that life’s simply too short, as in life’s too short to let things get you down, to take things for granted or to pursue absolute and unrealistic perfection.

In a nut shell, for some happy folk, employing these characteristics is a second nature. They seem to do it without realising it. However, for others, a conscious effort must be put in place every now and again to enjoy those happy vibes. If there is anything I've learnt from being around happy people is they have good self-awareness, which is key to a having a happy attitude.

Well i've learnt lots from doing research about why some people are happier than others and I'll be sure to try and adopt some of the above behavioural habits!

What makes you happy? Please leave a comment and let me know I'm keen to hear from you and understand what makes my lovely followers happy. For me, running, writing, sunshine and being by the coast makes me super duper happy!

I have a dear friend who lives in Byron Bay Australia and she is one of the happiest people I know. Sheri is the founder of Sunshine Trader, it's an absolute haven of happiness and a you should have a look at her website at or on instagram @sunshinetrader - we all need a little ray of sunshine to make us happy!

Until the next time.

Stay safe.

Much love.

Tan x

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