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Simple living has become a major buzzword over the past few years. Maybe it’s due to modern lives being so consumed with being busy and rushing around that people are craving more peace, quiet and simplicity. When talking about simple living it seems like a concept that no one can actually obtain, but it is a possible principle to live by… Turn off the background noise We have access to constant noise and it is easy to become immune to it, but building intentional quiet into our lives is so important. For example, turn the radio off. Turn the notifications on your phone off and listen to the sounds of life. Extra noise can often mean extra stress that we don’t even know we’re adding, so turn down the noise. Keep a quiet house (and car!) and see how it affects your family and stress levels. Reduce screen time Just like noise is everywhere, so are screens, both at work and home. Setting limits on screen time at home will make your life significantly simpler. Adopt a ‘no screen’ policy at mealtimes or after a certain hour before bed. Why not introduce a digital detox on a Sunday and have a detox box to place all phones and ipads in. Make it fun for the kids! Screens drain us and the time we spend on them should be limited in order to live a more simple and gratifying life. Get creative! There’s nothing more relaxing than sitting down after a long day and doing something creative. Some people love to write and sketch, but you could also learn to knit, sew, garden, bake bread or anything else that appeals to you. When working with your hands, it makes your soul feel refreshed and relaxes your mind. Stay home and get cosy There are a million and one reasons to leave our houses these days, but being intentional about spending more time at home is good for our families, our waistlines and our wallets. Implement a stay at home day once per week and see what fun (free!) activities or projects you can do around the house. Schedule downtime Our brains, our bodies and our souls crave downtime. It’s like a pressure relief valve for the body and our cluttered minds. Try setting aside 10-20 minutes each day (without your phone!) to just sit and relax. You don’t have to be doing anything, but just sit and let the stress of the day fade away. Spend more time outdoors When we rush from one activity to the next, we often forget to stop and spend a little time outside each day. Being in nature is food for the soul. It helps us to relax and relieve stress. Living here in Wales is the perfect playground for escapism, totally spoilt with beautiful countryside and stunning coastline. Cook simple meals We have access to any food we want, which is great, but sometimes it seems like a burden because we have to decide which “perfect meals” to make each night. If you want to live simpler and lower your stress levels, then come up with a meal plan with easy, basic meals. Every night doesn’t have to be special or fancy. Make a list of 10-12 easy, no fuss meals that the family enjoys and rotate them throughout the month. Declutter your home If you’re always bringing stuff into your home and never getting rid of anything, then you may have a very cluttered abode. Sitting around in a home that is full of stuff can stifle our creativity and stress us out. Think about how much time you spend cleaning, moving, picking up and rearranging your stuff. Pretty crazy eh? The less we have, the more freedom we have and the less burdened we will feel. Set aside a little time each week to go through one area of your home and take a pile of the things you don’t use, like or need to your local charity shop. The list of suggestions to a slower and simple life is endless. If you have any cool ideas that have been working for you, please do tell us about them, you could connect with us on our social media platforms or via our website

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