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Granted one of the great things about your digital lifestyle is that you’re always connected, especially if you run your own business. One of the negatives about your digital lifestyle is ALSO that you’re ALWAYS connected. When you’re a committed entrepreneur, there’s no getting away from the endless notifications, sometimes even when you’re away, unless you make a concerted effort to unplug. Work-life balance? What’s that I hear you say. Pretty nonexistent, in spite of the growing realisation that being available 24/7 isn’t healthy no matter how much pressure you’re under to keep all of your plates in the air and spinning. Hence why at Ease Retreats we host regular Digital Detox Days in our cosy cottage.

Our next day retreat is on the 19th Feb from 10am. Cost per person £25.

A perfect platform offering co-working with like minded individuals, to share ideas and support each other with non digital solutions to running a business. The day starts with a meet and greet over coffee and cake and an introduction from our host Tanya who will discuss the benefits of a digital detox. You will be encouraged to avoid screens and revert back to using pens and yummy stationary. There will be digital detox box to keep your phones safe and out of reach, endless refreshments and a grazing lunch will be provided.  There will be no access to digital devices throughout the day, including no emails, no websites and (brace yourself) no social media, which in turn means no computers and no mobile phones. Replaced with upbeat discussions, mind mapping, content writing, brainstorming, country walks, reading and eating! It is safe to say that in this digital age of modern conveniences, it is easy to see why we now lead a screen-dominated life. The Digital Detox hopes to recognise the importance of taking a break from all things tech-related, and highlight the benefits of time offline to help with your relationships, friendships, productivity, creativity, physical health and mental health. What’s not to love! 

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