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Wellbeing with EASE

Today we have collaborated with @tamsnford from @blossomandnectar who is sharing a couple of top tips on how to gain some wellbeing in your home whilst on lockdown!

Top Tip 1 "I find starting the day with 10 things I’m grateful for and saving it in an app like Law of Attraction or Gratitude has helped me achieve a good sense of well-being. It really changed my mindset and stops the negative fear creeping in whilst in lockdown.All you take for granted is not guaranteed. Live in each moment because worrying about a future situation will create nothing apart from stealing the current moment away from you. We’ve had our options narrowed right down, so now we can appreciate the things we do have and let everything else go. It’s not easy but it’s possible. You can’t change the situation but you can change a response to the situation.” Top Tip 2 "Beeswax will bring a good sense of WELL-BEING into your home . It’s excellent to clean your head in more ways than one. It contains no colours, toxins, fragrances, synthetics or additives. You breath what you burn, burning beeswax candles means you breath in a sustainable healthy product. It is designed to omit negative ions which takes away dust in the air and pollen. It also burns the closest colour to natural light so helps with headaches. The best benefit for it, I’ve found, is it helps with insomnia as it cleans the room before you sleep and leaves a sweet soft fragrance." 💛

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