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Nutrition with Ease

Todays top tips on how to apply good nutrition into your day whilst you STAY HOME is brought to you by nutritionist Angharad Evans.

We have an incredible machine - our bodies! If we give our bodies the right nutrients and halt any adverse practises, then our bodies will keep us safe and well.


- Immune boosting foods are almonds, broccoli, elderberry, fermented foods, garlic, ginger, papaya, pomegranate, sweet potato, green tea and turmeric.

- Grapes, lemon lime, garlic & ginger are anti-viral when eaten in great quantities

- Avoiding dairy products would be beneficial since it’s suggested that they feed viruses

- Sugar suppresses our white blood cells … you know what to do.


- If you take only 1 supplement over the coming months, make sure it’s Vitamin C. ( 3g daily or more in divided doses).

- Other important supplements would be D3, Magnesium, Zinc & Selenium. I can’t stress the importance of Vitamin C however.


The most proven immune boosting herb is Astragalus.


- Diet: mainly plant based whole foods. How colourful is your plate of food?

- Exercise: 30 minutes per day

- Stress Reduction: breathing exercises, tapping (EFT), yoga, meditation

- WiFi: we all know the need for ‘digital detox’ but it’s health benefits are becoming more apparent.

With this in mind, switch off your router at night and turn your phone to ‘flight mode’ when you’re not using it.

A you can see there are lots of things we can do to boost our immunity.

Keep well and safe


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