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Interior Design with EASE

Today’s top tips on how to enjoy your home more as we Stay Home is brought to you by interior stylist Miffy Shaw Interiors “During these strange times I’ve realised even more so just how important our homes are to us. It’s somewhere you belong and feel safe and hopefully are surrounded by things you love that spark memories... souvenirs you brought back from your holidays, treasured items you’ve inherited and photos of friends and family. I have a few interior design related tips for you... • Your home is now also your playground... Try not to be too precious about it; be ok with the mess a know that there’s plenty of time for tidying tomorrow!!

• Bring the outdoors in... If you’re lucky enough to have a garden with Spring flowers popping up pick a small bunch of flowers to pop in a vase at home. • Declutter... Get your Marie Kindo on and clear out that cupboard you’ve been meaning to for ages or freshen up your drawers!!

• Shop your home... We can’t just nip off to homesense and buy some bits for the house right now so try shopping your home. Try re-jigging a shelf or re-arranging your living room. Look around your home to see if there’s items you can move around for a fresh new look. And remember for us creative types.... You need time to be bored - that is how creativity is born! Stay home. Stay safe and take care. I’ll see you on the other side” Miffy xxx

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