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ACT NOW with Ease

Todays top tips on how to 'Stay Home with Ease' is about how to ACT NOW brought to you by Adrienne from Act Now Creative

"As a communication coach I am often asked about how to act, react and behave in relation to a situation or others behaviour. What sort of ACTION should, would and could a person take to achieve a positive outcome?

There are three universal options when faced with any call to action.

  1. Act in the usual, tried and tested way

  2. Take a new action which could take you in to new unchartered territory

  3. Take no immediate action. Stop wait and evaluate.

Of the three options we can find the third option the most challenging in a world full of calls to act now. Yet it is in this third space that we drive a wedge between the stimulus to act and our response which opens up new possibilities, new pathways and potential.

Easing back and retreating can be the bravest of options but can bring the most benefit.

I hope this helps a little. Take care and stay safe xx

For more information please don't hesitate to contact Ade via her website and social media platforms @actnowcreative

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