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Home Schooling with EASE

Todays top tips is all about home schooling brought to you by the very talented Jo Watkins GP and Co-Founder of The HOW People. Inspiring the next generation of awesome females. Mum of 4 and experienced home schooler!

1. Home schooling is usually a choice. Lock down is not a choice.

Home schooling is a decision taken after much discussion and not taken lightly.

It has to work for you to be able to do it. It is not easy but it is hugely rewarding and most parents and kids who do it love it. When leaving the school system to home school most of the books and recommendation is to take some time to unschool before establishing a new normal. Shaking off the institutionalisation of school and its routine before introducing a different pattern.

It is difficult in this situation but, I would strongly advise you not to try and replicate the school day at home.

This is a very different way of doing things.

2. Don’t compare your situation to that of anyone else

All schools are dealing with this differently.

Some intensely.

Some more hands off.

Every family situation is different. Many are trying to work from home. Some have single children who may feel more isolated, others have larger families and it feels like you can’t give everyone the attention they need. In some families the parent who is normally more ‘on it’ in terms of the kids is actually the one going to work on the front line so the one looking after the kids maybe less used to the organisational aspects of home.

That offers even more challenges.

3. Home schooling is not a competition

We are all surviving and doing our best.

Try not to be out psyched by what others on your FB feed or WhatsApp feed seem to be achieving with their kids when you can barely persuade them to get dressed each day.

4. This is not really Home Schooling

Most Home schooling families do not stay in the house all day.

One of the many benefits of home schooling is the freedom to explore and learn through experiences.

Travel, road trips, trips to parks and beaches out of the busy weekend and holiday time, exploring museums, botanical gardens and galleries.

These are the things that we base most of our learning around. We are all having to be more creative with our learning.

5. Try and enjoy it

We are living a science and history lesson with our kids and they are led by our reactions and our behaviour.

Every child in the country is in the same situation but their experiences at home are all going to be different during this time.

Their education will not suffer as a result, but their mental health could.

Let’s concentrate on making them feel safe and loved and try and take the opportunity to teach them the skills of creativity and resilience that we are all having to display to get ourselves through this world wide pandemic.

For more information please contact Jo Watkins via the following links... Empowering, inspiring, supporting and connecting the next generation of awesome females. Jo Watkins & Polly Crook @thehowpeople

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