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House Party with EASE

Yay to Friday, a 'Good Friday' and a 4 day weekend even though the majority of us don't actually know what day it is. So let's go with the fact it's THE perfect day to have a House Party. Today we are in for a real treat from our Event & DJ expert Nick Miles who will be giving us his top tips on how to enjoy a real pearler of a party.

"Having DJ’d for the best part of 25 years at various events including; weddings, festivals, clubs, raves, christenings and my parents 50th college anniversary, I jumped on the lockdown bandwagon and decided to stream my first ever DJ set from my kitchen. This will be a lot of fun, I thought! Then the realisation set in that I didn’t have any of the kit I needed to pull off something that sounded professional, but I’d promoted in on social media, so was committed. I ended up streaming it live on Facebook using the microphone on my iPhone and some fairy lights covering the TV in the background. It didn’t sound great, but people seemed to really enjoy it and I received some lovely comments saying it really lifted their mood during lockdown, plus there was some serious kitchen dancing going on (so I’m told!). For anyone thinking of doing the same, I invested in a new gizmo that will make the sets sound a lot better, it’s called in iRig which takes a feed directly from your phone. (

Loads of DJ’s are streaming sets on Facebook and YouTube, playing all styles & genres, just have a quick search for your weekend (or weekday!) lockdown party.

We’ve all had to adapt digitally and quickly to staying in touch with family and friends during this lockdown. For some great social engagement, I’ve been using the House Party app (which has games included) WhatsApp video or Zoom. It was my sister in laws birthday on Sunday, to celebrate we had an online party using Zoom with all the family. They love horse racing, so we downloaded some to old horse racing videos on YouTube, everyone chose a horse, the screen was shared on Zoom and boom - we had a virtual day at the races! This was followed by the worlds hardest online quiz (I scored 1 out of 10 🤦🏼‍♂️)

Other ways to connect through music during the lockdown is making playlists on your favourite digital streaming service. These can be easily shared with your friends and you can create different playlists for different moods, days or online parties.

The lockdown has definitely been made bearable by revisiting some long forgotten old tunes or by discovering some cracking new music on Spotify (other streaming services are available!)"

If you’re looking for some inspiration, here are some Spotify playlists to get you going!

90’s playlist

Chilled Pop Hits

Indie Anthems

Ibiza Sunset

DJ Klaus Alacazam

You can catch Nick DJ’ing in his kitchen on a Friday night at 8.30pm live on Facebook

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