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I think you’ll agree that now is the perfect timing for some self care top tips. We have collaborated with a very talented beauty and self care expert Amy Adams from Studio Muse “As we hibernate away it’s easy to put Self Care up on a ‘well i’m not going out anyway’ shelf. It’s vital to protect our mental health and self-worth. Each year we look to Spring as a time to improve our skin health after Winter and reach for brighter colours. With beauty and wellbeing appointments on ice, it’s time to create an ‘at home’ mini spa for some much needed TLC; even if the days’ outing is to the patio! A pop of colour with a bright lipgloss is an instant mood lifter ... as is a spring pastel nail varnish or a golden glow on our legs ... all simple and will provide an instant boost. For body pampering use a gorgeous body scrub or bath soak. For the face create an ‘at home facial’ with a new facial oil or mask. Why not incorporate that facial massage you never have time to do? If you have products stashed away, get creative and blend some new colours or scents ... raid the food cupboard and mix up a new body scrub or bath soak. And if you do have a ‘save it for best’ drawer ... now is definitely the time! Love Amy Xx”

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