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HOW 2 help with EASE

Here at EASE we are always proud when we get the opportunity to support GOOD PEOPLE!

A good friend of mine Jo Watkins who is the co-founder of The HOW People, is on a mission to

raise £1,000 to help front line staff on ICU by donating 'Rescue Packs' designed by The Goodwash Company, at this very difficult time.

This is a message from The HOW People...


The whole nation is in awe of the NHS and everything they are doing to keep us safe at the moment, but we have first-hand insight from Jo’s husband a consultant anaesthetist working on the Covid-19 ICU at Morriston Hospital, Swansea.

He comes home every night absolutely blown away by the determination of the frontline staff in ICU. The situation is having a huge effect on them, not just mentally, but also physically from the PPE they are wearing for 12 hours at a time.

Their faces and hands are red and sore. They are exhausted. They are showering and washing their hair multiple times per day to reduce the chances of spreading the virus to their families. All this while dealing with tragic scenarios and risking their own health.

With the The Goodwash Company they have designed 'Rescue Packs' for the ICU front line staff in several different hospitals, to include restorative hand cream, hand sanitiser, soap, shampoo and conditioner, as well as crisis wellbeing leaflet written by our HOW Wellbeing expert, Jo Williams.

There will be 6 'GOLDEN TICKETS' kindly donated from Ease Retreats in these bags meaning that 6 hard working nurses, somewhere in the country, will be able to claim a completely FREE restorative EASE weekend by the sea when things calm down for them and a friend to recharge their batteries.

These are tough times. We realise there is a lot of fundraising going on but we would appreciate any donations and hope your daughter, children or others really benefit from the webinar content we are developing.

Without the staff there is no NHS so let's try and put a smile on their faces and make life that little bit more comfortable.

We fundraised £1600 last year for two local charities and had plans to do the same this year. We are proud to launch HOW2help, which is the charitable arm of our business for us and any HOW girls we are working with to fundraise for good causes and for us to deliver our HOW Inspire evenings DIGITALLY while supporting a valuable project. For the next month ALL proceeds from HOW Inspire ONLINE will be donated to producing these 'Rescue Packs"

Please share the love for this story by sharing the link to their Just Giving page

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