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For some of us who run our own small businesses we still need to find a way of communicating with our clients during lockdown. It was a real pleasure to catch up with @kathbehindtheseen to hear her take on how to stay connected with good content. . “Your digital content is more important than ever in the current circumstances. Here's 5 tips to keep you on top of your online offering. 1. Make use of the 30 HASHTAGS. It’s really easy to get lazy with hashtags, coming up with 5 or 6 of them that fit your post and hoping that will be enough. Even though it’s tedious, it can be a good way to showcase your Instagram to an audience who haven’t seen your work before. I’ve combated this by making lists of hashtags in my phone notes so I can copy and paste them when I need them.

2. Engage with your audience with AUTHENTICITY. If you really like someone's work, tell them! No more follow for follow or like for like, only comment and engage with the people you genuinely love. It’s better to have a smaller audience who will spread the word over thousands of followers who don’t know who you are. 3. Take time with your PHOTOGRAPHY. Remember this photo will show as a tiny square on someone's phone screen, so take time to make your photos clickable. Even if you aren’t an Adobe whiz, you can get free filters from VSCO or use the colour correct tools in Lightroom. 4. Don’t expect people to TRAVEL, digitally of course! If you want someone to go somewhere, immediately leave the handle or the link. Instead of saying, please ‘follow my page’, say ‘please follow @easeretreats’.

5. Tell your STORY. It’s really tempting to strip back your posts as some of hate talking about ourselves. Even if your brand isn’t based around your lifestyle, audiences love a little bit of insight into who you are and where your small business came from! Oh and enjoy being creative. Here if you have any queries 👋 #content #creative #write #photograph #plan #stories #behindthescenes #innovate #authentic #honest #design #patience #engage #conversation #online #discover #explore #independent #different #wellbeing #mindfulness #comfort #stationery #dailyrituals #bekind

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