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Commercial Industry Knitwear designer Liz Cross has a reborn passion for hand knitted interiors and today writes about her passion and a few top tips on how to Knit with Ease!

"There is something strange about hand knitting!

The rhythmic movement and sound of the needles can have such a soothing, calming effect on your mind!

Back and forth, back, and forth losing minutes and hours in the peaceful, repetitive action of creating knitted fabric with your hands.

Having a project on the go can help in times of boredom, stress, sadness, illness, or grief and can be used as a form of meditation to heal and energise.

Lockdown is the perfect time to get your needles out to relax! Set aside some time and let your mind drift.

It can just be nice to start with something simple and small that can be finished quickly! That way you achieve success and can have a little pride as you view your completed work after just a few hours or maybe only a few days!

Long haul knitting projects often get stuffed into a bag to be left under the stairs for the next five years. The task can sometimes become overwhelming & after immense enthusiasm to start with, large projects often lose momentum!

Let’s forget about jumpers and cardigans .... we all have enough of those! Instead it’s great to do smaller projects like making cushions that can stay on show on sofas and beds instead of being hidden away in drawers!

Personally, I like to concentrate on interesting texture patterns or stitches whilst keeping the ease or complexity of the fabric within a square so no armholes or necklines to navigate too! The square can be for any size of cushion!

Alternatively, perhaps drag out any yarn oddments you may have and Google ‘Knitting for Charity’ to find a worthy cause. There are so many to choose from!

I’m utilising my lockdown time, knitting small hearts for grieving families affected by Covid-19. The hearts are knitted in pairs and then sent to Bristol Royal Infirmary ITU who firstly deal with infection control before placing one heart with a lost loved one and sending the remaining heart to the family. I’ll be posting my first batch of hearts tomorrow."

So, there you have it! Find a project of your choice, cast on the number of stitches you need and breathe!

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