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Turns out a 'happy place' is a real thing and I love the concept of a personal “happy place” somewhere you can escape the stress and constraints of everyday life and feel completely at ease.

For some people, it may the serenity of staying in a beach house or the calming experience of camping in a forest. Think of it as that place you go to be fully present with yourself, a place where you can experience a sense of happiness.

Not all happy places are outdoors, or even places you might think of as serene. During our time in lockdown many have found their happy place is their kitchen after finding their love of baking has been rekindled. Another example could be your garden, now a happy place where you go to do a little yoga in the hazy sunshine.

I have an endless list of 'my happy places', most of them seem to be near the seaside, usually in Wales or Cornwall. Time and time again some rain or shine I am magnetised to the beautiful and rugged coastline of West Wales. Who isn't eh? If you're yet to discover this beautiful stretch of coastline I highly recommend when lockdown is over, you pack an overnight bag and head West. Just let me know when you're thinking of planning a trip over to God's country and I'll email you some delightful places to stay and visit. Everyone deserves a little bit of wanderlust in their lives!

My top 10 happy places along the Wales coastline include...

Marloe Sands - a hidden gem nestled on the very western edge of Pembrokeshire. Stunning seascapes and a wealth of wildlife are waiting to greet you.

Freshwater west - this sandy and rocky beach is the hunting ground of the surfer always on the lookout for that perfect wave; a surfers paradise.

Mwnt - is a magical little cove, perfect for dolphin and seal spotting, with sand that's as fine and golden as it gets and turquoise blue waters straight out of the Caribbean.

Barafundle Bay - once one of Pembrokeshire's best kept secrets. A really magical place!

Poppit Sands - is an extensive sandy beach backed by a swathe of dunes and surrounded by breathtaking scenery. It's the perfect family beach.

Solva - is lovely village with brightly painted cottages leading you to the estuary and harbour pub it really is picture perfect.

Whitesands Bay - overlooked by the imposing craggy hill of Carn Llidi, this wide expanse of fine white sand curves north towards the remote rocky headland of St Davids Head.

Llangranog - is a sheltered, sandy bay boasting superb coastal scenery

Tresaith - a picturesque coastal village, with an epic hidden waterfall. A truly mesmerising place be especially at sunset. I am so lucky to have an amazing friend called Jo Watkins who owns a beautiful beach bolthole called House on a beach - which is a regular beach abode for Ease Retreats. I highly recommend a stay here for a group of friends after lockdown. Myself and Jo are hosting a retreat for 6 NHS staff members and their friends as a gift from us to them as a thank you for being so remarkable.

Aberporth - is known for being a charming little village on the coast of Ceredigion, a really pretty bay. I plan to retire here one day. It is heaven on earth.

I have stayed in boutique hotels, hip n trendy beach houses, camped in a tent but I must say the best travel experience was when I took up 'van life'. Nothing beats the feeling of pure escapism, parking as close to the ocean as you possibly can, lighting a bbq, enjoying the sunset over the bay and then cuddling under the blankets with the van doors wide open. Now that's my kind of happy place!

The best Happy places are usually the ones found right on our doorstep. No need to travel miles and spend thousands of pounds on an exclusive two week luxury trip

When was the last time you camped out by your local beach? You don’t have to brave the van life experience as Britain has a wonderful collection of boutique boltholes

Our good friends at have an amazing selection of stunning abodes close to the coast. Spot Scott the founder is a wonderfully happy soul and she can’t wait to welcome guests back once lockdown is over

Finding our happy place can give us so much pleasure, the freedom to lose ourselves in the moment, time to build relationships with our loved ones, opportunities to find meaning, and a platform for achieving greatness.

The beauty of happiness is that it is subjective as well as a state mind. With the right perspective, your happy place will be easier to find.

Here is a lovely article from The Telegraph newspaper about more gorgeous beaches along the Welsh coast. Now be careful not to tell too many people about our happy places!!

Until the next time

Stay safe

Much love

Tanya x

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