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Today I decided to write a MANIFESTO for Ease Retreats

You may be wondering what's a manifesto?

A manifesto is an important element for a brand. It goes beyond the product/service and history of the company. Effectively it portrays the fundamental essence of a brand.

Which I think is super important, now more than ever.

We all want to understand the purpose of a brand.

We want to be part of their tribe.

I've spent a couple of weeks thinking about why I love and trust certain brands.

The brands I trust the most stand for something. Something good that I also believe in.

They care. They have real purpose. And they all have a manifesto!

So I want to share my manifesto.

A commitment to what EASE stands for. This manifesto means everything to me. It's the reason WHY I launched Ease Retreats. It's the reason I do what I do. I think you'll believe in it too.

"Ease exists to share the spirit of joy, enthusiasm and positivity.

Our purpose is to provide good times.

A place where passion for life is expressed with an abundance of excitement, happiness and fun."

I stand by it. I will promise to deliver on it. It will help me remember the WHY! It is reason EASE exists.

I'd be interested to know your thoughts about my manifesto, please connect with me here or via my social media platforms.

Until the next time

Much love

Stay safe

Tanya xx

explaining why it exists.

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