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I love to take photos.

I love capturing moments.

I love to cherish the memories

Yes, I’m one of those people who drive others crazy by taking photos all the time!

But one thing's for sure, photography brings me so much happiness!

I love this quote...

"A photograph is the pause button on life."

As I get into the groove with life in lockdown, I've been feeling a little frustrated with not being able to travel far and take photos of the coast, my favourite place to escape to. However, living in lockdown has made me appreciate the 'simple things in life'. I have found pleasure in taking photos of beautiful stuff dotted around Ease Cottage and the daisies in the garden. I particularly love taking photos when the sun rises and the world is still asleep.

There is beauty all around which in itself can bring so much joy.

I’m sure I’m not the only one finding happiness from taking photographs on an iphone (oh how I wish I had the patience to use a DSLR camera)

So much so, I want to share with you some reasons why taking photographs can increase your happiness...

Notice Beauty

Due to being restricted to stay home you will start to recognise beautiful things closer to home and around you.

We tend to go through life being overwhelmed by work, personal drama, stress and we forget to notice all the happiness, the special moments, the beauty of this world. Taking photos often will train your brain and your eyes to notice the magic in your life and hence increase your level of happiness.

Capture Moments

I love this quote...

“Photography takes an instant out of time, altering life by holding it still"

Taking photos is like having a super power to capture a moment, a feeling, something beautiful.

To make it hold still forever.

Think of all those beautiful places you visited during your travels, your children laughing out loud, your friends dancing to their favourite tunes, facial expressions of love, all those moments that you wish you could touch, grab and keep close forever.

That’s what taking photographs can do, they capture what really happened, in such a way that it will bring a smile to your face

Remember Happy Times

When was the last time you put recent photos in an album?

Everything is so digital these days that we forget all the great photos we took and those we have been passed down from our relatives.

Photos in an album help us remember the little things long after we have forgotten everything.

Photographs are a testimonial of your journey through life. They can give you hope when times are tough, take you back to what really matters when life gets overwhelming and they can remind you of your dreams when you feel lost.

The fact is, recalling happy memories significantly increases happiness in the present.

Go on and see how you get on taking more photos. Share your photos. I'm sure you'll be pleasantly surprised how much happiness you'll feel.

Until the next time

Stay safe

Much love

Tanya xx

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