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Wow the month of May is flying by, it may have something to do with the glorious sunny weather we are fortunate to have right now. Plus, here at EASE HQ it has been a month filled with Happy Vibes, where I have been sharing lots of useful information and top tips about all things happy!

If you have been following my journey this month, you may know that I am going to post a HAPPY HAMPER to one of my lovely followers. Just a kind gesture. No competition to enter. No catch and certainly no request from me, simply a gift from me to you!

I am honoured to be collaborating with a lovely bunch of happy souls who also run really upbeat and positive brands. They are kindly supporting me by donating some delightful gifts to go into the Happy Hamper.

Let me introduce you to Amy Adams founder of a beautiful self-care sanctuary Studio Muse

// Why did you start Studio Muse? To be creative again and have space to breathe and grow. The pursuit of balance and to be brave again to explore ideas. I wanted to sell lipstick and flowers in the same place … people thought I was nuts. // What’s been the most rewarding part of your journey with Studio Muse? Discovering new skills and embracing my passion for flowers; my ‘little girl’ dream of a pretty flower stand now a reality! Flowers were my solace during a very difficult time and they gave me a creative ‘safe space’ and time to heal. Now, on the other side, I’m pleased I put my ‘main career’ on hold for a while as I’m now ready to embrace the next chapter. // Which elements of Studio Muse brings happiness to others? Our passion and commitment to provide the very best shopping experience to customers. My team and I love nothing more than being able to help a customer feel absolutely amazing … whether through the use of our gorgeous vegan make-up and wellbeing products, a new journal, a gorgeous pair of earrings or simply a treat of some beautiful British Blooms to brighten their home. // What makes you Happy? Doing a good job and making people feel good. // What’s happening whilst you navigate life in lockdown? A very strange thing … i’ve had to let go of perfect! And it’s reeeeeeeally hard! I do generally have a very easy-going way of navigating through life’s drama’s; i’ve had to! Adjusting to this new way of life that we’ve not experienced before, with so much uncertainty and added pressures of keeping our businesses going, plus care for and home-school our four very young children has been quite an eye-opener. We feel so grateful that we seem to be managing it all and are staying sane (just about); we’ve learned a lot about ourselves. Fun is everything. // Do you have any stay at home happy tips? Try not to over-plan; over-commit; over-think … be very gentle with yourselves and know there is still time. I struggle with the latter. And let go of perfect! The mantra: Does it Matter? helps a lot. // Which Summertime products do you have in stock? We’ve got ‘Feel Good’ down to a fine art this lockdown and with the help of our website and good ol’ Instagram we can now bring a slice of our self-care heaven to your doorstep every Friday … a bunch of beautiful fragrant Summer flowers, a copy of The Happy Newspaper, vegan self-care skin treats … even a bottle of Tanya Whitebits vegan self tan for the ultimate faux-holiday glow! // How do you live life with Ease? In the words of Elsa … and a dear friend recently … Let it go! Fresh flowers always, put on perfume, mascara, concealer and blusher everyday.

If you would like to follow Amy's journey you will find her on instagram @studiomusepontcanna and here is a link to her website

I promise, this store is a feast for the senses.

Until the next time

Stay safe

Much love

Tanya x

First up is the ever so lovely Amy Adams who is the founder of Studio Muse, a beautiful boutique, a sanctuary oozing with gorgeous scents and delights for the mind, body and soul. l

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