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A Memoir Movement

Oh the joy of reading about another persons life, sometimes happy stories, but most recently there seems to be quite a few memoirs written about trauma, grief and loss. But hey that's life isn't it, a rollercoaster of events and the drama that comes with it all.

So what is a memoir?

A memoir often tells the story of a particular event or time.

Whereas a biography or autobiography tells the story "of a life"

Memoirs are generally understood to be factual accounts, but there’s a significant amount of wiggle room in this regard. Which makes the story even more exciting and intriguing for the reader. There seems to be no obligation for the writer to provide an objectively balanced account of the past — a memoir is merely a version of events as the author remembers them. In fact, the term comes from the French word “mémoire,” which means “memory,” or “reminiscence.”

I have been in my element recently, as there are so many memoirs being published by really interesting writers, some only just starting out of their writing journey. The wonderful thing today is that we have access to so many writers and authors through social media platforms and memberships sites such as Substack and Steady. More and more readers and writers are coming together in a community, where they are engaging and sharing their ideas and stories.

I do believe everyone has a story to tell. I just think it is a real shame that many of these stories actually don't get written, due to lack of time, lack of confidence or little belief in ones own writing ability.

What is refreshing though, is that it's not just celebrities or sporting personalities writing memoirs, but people like you and me. Who in my humble opinion, actually have a more moving story to tell, which could go on to inspire others. Nurses, teachers, police officers, firefighters, care workers and housewives – they might be ordinary people, but they’re doing extraordinary jobs, with compelling stories and it’s about connecting with people who’ve gone through something and come out the other side

The compassion and community of the new generation memoir isn’t just a passing fad. This is why I am hosting Writing & Wellness retreats this Autumn and into 2023. If you follow my journey on social media you'll have noticed the 'Write It All Down with Ease' retreat hosted by Cathy Rentzenbrink, which was a sell out!

Last week we launched the news that we are collaborating with another Sunday Times bestselling author Clover Stroud and later this month I am announcing two more retreats with talented broadcasters and writers. So watch this space! If you'd like to be included onto the waiting lists, please don't hesitate to send your enquiry via our website contacts page.

Until the next time, stay safe and try to live life with EASE

Tanya xox

PS - Here are some of my favourite memoirs:

The Red Of My Blood by Clover Stroud

Coming Clean by Liz Fraser

This Is Not A Pity Memoir by Abi Morgan

Managing Expectations by Minnie Driver

Your Voice In My Head by Emma Forrest

Left On Tenth by Delia Ephron

The Last Act Of Love by Cathy Rentzenbrink

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