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As restrictions ease, my faith is being restored in the fact that retreats will be back open for business in the not too distant future. During this transitional phase I am here to answer any questions you may have about Ease Retreats and share with you the benefits of booking a wellbeing retreat, especially a retreat here in magical WestWales.

Once the restrictions were relaxed I made a huge effort to escape to my Ease Retreats beach house and take time to realign my thoughts and plans for the future. Like many others I felt fatigued and groggy after being locked down for so many months, so as soon as I could I packed my bag and headed to the coast. I craved my happy place, to sit on the sand, cosy up by the fire, take in the sea breeze, daydream and simply rejuvenate my soul.

I realise now, more than ever, that the simple things in life are so precious. Staying a few days at the beach house nourished my mind, body and soul on so many levels. I am grateful I have the opportunity to host retreats and I'm now ready to relaunch retreats in a safe environment for a small group of guests.

I am going to take the time to blog more about my plans for Ease Retreats. I'll include beautiful photographs of the retreats location, introduce you to local characters that have become dear friends. I shall highlight the amazing independent small businesses that I support whilst being based at the beach house. On occasion I shall take the opportunity to interview the founders behind the brands and tell their wonderful stories.

So lets connect. I'd love to hear from guests old and new. Don't be shy, please introduce yourself either through the contacts page on this website or via my social media. I'd love for you to send me any queries and share what you're craving the most, now lockdown has been lifted. It's time to say goodbye to lockdown lethargy and infinite social media scrolling and treat our minds and bodies to some well deserved TLC.

Until the next time

Stay safe and take care

Tan xxx

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