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Vitamin Sea Connections

Wow it's been over a year since I last posted on here!! The world needs to slow down and I need to make more time for the things I love the most, like writing and sharing good stuff on how to live life with EASE.

I'm keen to get back into the swing of writing so now is as good a time as ever!

Over the next few weeks and months, I shall be posting in this journal about latest news and updates with Ease, I shall provide recommendations about new publications, upbeat podcasts and beautiful places that I adore. I shall also keep you in the loop with new retreats on offer in 2022/23. Some exciting ones on the horizon which I think you'll absolutely love!

So what's news with me and how am I striving to live life with EASE?!

One thing that I absolutely love about my life at the moment, is that I'm walking the Welsh coastline every morning before 9am without fail or sea dipping at sunrise, whatever the weather.

But it has taken me a while to be at peace with this decision

I'll tell you why... I have recently battled with fitting in the morning dog walk, getting the kids to school on time and being at my desk by 9am without feeling frazzled and under pressure. Most days I felt I was failing at the simple things in life. I felt isolated and I noticed I was craving connection. Yeah me, the one person I describe to others as an expert connector!

So, I said to hell with conforming and being at the mercy of others before 10am. To be fair it was nobody else's fault but my own. I was placing undue pressure on myself to be so productive, proactive and punctual by 9am.

There have been so many benefits from taking such action. From spending more time by the sea and less time at my desk.

The main benefit being, I was starting to connect more with nature and surprisingly connect more with other human beings I'd never met before, the lovely strangers, the other dog walkers, the startup founders and the retired folk.

It was whilst I was on one of my beach walks that I realised I attend the best networking event ever. Yes, you read that last sentence correctly. The coastline provides me with an unlimited amount of connections, from all walks of life. The only caveat is, I have to say good morning to strangers, I have to start the new conversations and if the timing is right, slow down and show interest in what the other person has to say. This is where real connection happens.

Maybe you have a similar story? Maybe you've decided to start your working day later in the morning. Maybe you're passing your potential new client or new freelancer friends on your daily walk without realising. So why not try slowing down once in a while, leave the phone in your pocket and strike up a conversation with the next stranger/dog walker that passes you by.

I do believe amazing connections are closer than we think. In the most random places!

I promised you that I'd recommend some new and interesting books, podcasts and places to visit that are good for helping us connect in a disconnected world.

BOOK - (Dis)Connected by Emma Gannon - where she writes about how to stay human in online world, with tangible tips and advice for those of us who might feel a little lost right now.

PODCAST - Not perfect podcast by Poppy Jamie - which explains mental health, soul science, happiness and wisdom from thought leaders, authors and scientists from around the world.

PLACE - Westfarm in Ogmore By Sea - offers the best cake and coffee, stunning panoramic sea views and Coworking is very welcomed and encouraged in their cosy lounge bar.

So until the next time, I hope you discover a way to find a little more positive connectivity especially whilst the sun is shining and focus on how to live your life with ease.

Stay safe and be happy


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