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Why did you decide to start ease?

The short story is: I suffered from anxiety and wanted a place to escape. It was too expensive to go abroad and the only retreats I could find in the UK were meditation/yoga style retreats! I also have a family to look after, so going too far away or staying somewhere expensive isn’t in the pipeline for me right now! It made sense to create my own retreat and once a few friends were interested in joining me, it was natural to turn it into a business.

How many retreats have you sold?

Coming on to 12 now! Which the team were not expecting, particularly during a rebrand! I have been hosting events for over 20 years though, so I couldn’t stop myself from selling them during this process.

What’s been your favourite hosting or business experience?

There’s too many to choose from! I’ve hosted events in Europe with the BWA (British Windsurfing Association), which is where I found my love of the coast as I was constantly travelling along the coastline. I’ve hosted events in Britain with Capital Radio, Heart (then Real Radio) and BBC Wales. I also own a media consultancy called Lynchpin which supports a variety of start-ups with their branding and event management. A few of these include Nathan Palmer Tailoring, The Hair Business, Shepherd Sharpe and Westbourne School. It’s really great to work alongside these incredible business owners and gives me immeasurable experience to host my own retreats.

Do you have any projects on the horizon?

I’m constantly brainstorming ideas and one day hope to have my own small holding for a permanent retreat venue. It would be somewhere in Wales, near the coast of course!

Which retreat is an audience favourite?

Hygge Heaven is always a crowd pleaser. I think it’s because we live in such a cold climate (particularly this summer!) that people need a bit of a pick-me-up! People either love or hate Hygge, which means the audience we do get are crazy for it.

Which retreat is your favourite?

It changes all the time but right now it’s AirBnB Hosting. It really excites me! The AirBnB platform is great for people to earn from their own properties and all together great for the Welsh economy. Earn while you sleep! Isn’t that the dream? This could be such a game changer for people but you truly do need to learn the basics of becoming an AirBnB host.

Any fun giveaway ideas you have up your sleeve?

I don’t want to say too much about this one! We're planning a secret retreat in a gorgeous venue with 6 spaces available, all for free! There will be clues given away across all of our social media platforms and on our website during the month of July!

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