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It’s sure to be a big beautiful 2019 if you can take the time to invest in your wellbeing.

The global wellbeing market has grown almost 13 per cent in the last couple of years and with good reason as we seem a lot more stressed and frazzled.

As a society we are working longer hours, constantly connected to our digital devices and mostly feel overwhelmed about the constant demands to be perfect

It is no surprise that we are searching for new ways to improve our mental wellbeing. Luckily there is now a lot more to the wellbeing and wellness industries than just yoga and scented candles.

Here at Ease Retreats we are constantly searching for different ways to promote wellbeing both for your personal life and in your work life. As we enter into a bright new year we thought you’d like to read about the latest top 10 wellbeing trends for 2019:

1. Superfoods - elderberries are making a come back into our nutritional menu plans. They are particularly good for your immune system and perfect at this time of year with so many flu bugs about. Elderberries are rich in flavonoids, especially anthocyanins which are responsible for their deep purple colouring.

2. Sleep more when you can, even if you take a 20 minute afternoon nap. There are sleep classes called NAPERCISE being hosted around the UK which participants of the class will find single beds, atmospheric sounds and a temperature which promotes calorie burning during sleep. What’s not to love?!

3. Mindfulness was a major buzz word in 2018 and remains here for 2019. Awareness of ourselves and the world around us can improve our mental wellbeing, easy as 123.

4. Farewell to plastic - The UN Environment is calling on us to showcase positive behaviour change towards plastic. The positive feeling we achieve from being more active and aware on how to protect our environment makes for good wellbeing

5. Dry January?! What about taking it one month at a time and keep this positive activity to Dry February and Dry March - what about a whole year of NO DRINKING?

6.Digital Detox - a period of time during which a person refrains from using electronic devices such as smartphones or computers, regarded as an opportunity to reduce stress or focus on social interaction in the physical world.Ease Retreats will be hosting both day and weekend Digital Detox retreats and we shall update dates and venues shortly

7. Corporate Wellbeing - big companies are starting to focus more on workplace wellbeing. Hip cool brands are starting to offer a policy which is designed to support healthy behaviour in the office and to improve health outcomes. Hooray to this!

8. Learn to breathe - it is that simple! Not that we want to add to your list of new year’s resolutions, but if we could just suggest one more it would be to take a breath. Yes, really. While the average person breathes in and out more than 23,000 times a day, the majority of those breaths (especially when you’re awake) are short, shallow ones that just reach the chest. So now is the time to take in bigger breathes.

9. Healing cafes - have you heard about the latest craze basically coffee houses combined with living room facilities. There seems to be plenty of comfy cafes in Cardiff. Our favourite is The Plug in Dinas Powys, super duper coffee and grazing lunch menus complimented with uber comfy sofas. Plenty of tables for those digital nomads!

10. Bedtimes stories - not just for the kids. It seems the most relaxing before bed activity is asking your children to read a bedtime story to you. Gives the parent a moment to be calm and relax whilst encouraging good reading skills for the children.

So there we have it some really different and unique trends for us to follow sometime during 2019.

Be sure to check in with Ease Retreats on our website or over on our social media channels about our recent events and workshops.

We also have lovely news that we are collaborating with a local business network called Business Women Connect and this new hub will be called EASE RETREATS SOCIAL - more about this exciting project next week

In the meantime, I would like to wish you all a magical New Year, may you find health, wealth and happiness wherever you may go.

Big love

Tan xx

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